Gran Turismo Sport Looks Absolutely Breathtaking In These GIFs

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Great news for Gran Turismo Sport fans! Polyphony Digital created a new GIF series, that show us how awesome the game is. The first GIF shows us how realistic speed and vegetation are. Needless to say, this GIF showcases the first person view!

The second GIF shows us how great a speeding car looks like on the road, while the camera is shifting perfectly and follows it’s every move. Those camera moves really are breathtaking!
The third GIF showcases the perfection of the shadows and dust on a sunny day. The light reflects realistically from the car’s chrome.

Although the image is blurry in the fourth GIF, the scene of a moving car still looks great.
In the GIF number five, we can enjoy multiple cars in motion during the day- time.

Gran Turismo Sport will be out on the PlayStation 4 this year, and we can’t wait to give it a try! Unfortunately, the creators of the game haven’t announced a release date yet.

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