The First Ever Little Free Library Festival Looks Gorgeous

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On May 21st,Minneapolis will host theunusual festival, probably the most interesting and cute festival ever. Namely, passionate readers will have theopportunity to participate in Little Free Library Festival for the first time. Those crafty book fans among us are invited to build their little bookshelves, which will later be distributed across the country in order to promote literacy.

You have probably heard about the Little Free Library organization – it has been popping out from time to time on the streets. Anyway, Little Free Libraries organization was founded in 2009, by Todd Bol and it was well accepted among the readers. The main idea was to create mobile bookcases for book swapping without any kind of registration, deadlines; instead, people were supposed to leave their book while reading one from the free library.

Bol started with 400 of these little bookcases, leaving them in public places, coffee shops, corners, etc. inspiring readers to inspire other readers.

Other than making little libraries, the festival’s visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy other activities, such as Harry Potter trivia competition, plus they will be engaged in a series of activities centered around books, where building of your very own Little Free Library – is going to be the highlight of the event.

So, see you there!

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