Kevin Smith says he’s developing a Buckaroo Banzai TV show

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I think no one can argue that Kevin Smith, although a bit controversial director, is also a reasonably successful one having some rather good movies and Cop Out behind him. What’s interesting is that despite this fact, the greatest boost to his career may be his last project – directing of an episode of The Flash.

He has even commented this on his recent episode of Hollywood Babble-On podcast (his podcast, btw). He said that he’s “never fucking done anything in [his] life that had more people saying, ‘Holy shit, good job!’” What’s more, the Flash gig even opened some “weird doors” for him…

He’s of course referring to the MGM’s attempts to recruit him for their project – The Adventure of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, a classic which is now negotiated to be turned into a TV show. Both Smith and the studio seem quite excited about the project.

According to Smith, his view of the series implies that the first season would be an adaptation of the original movie, and that the later seasons would cover the story of Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League, a sequel that has never happened and which was only mentioned in the credits of the original movie.

Apparently the idea sounded great to MGM, because according to Smith they are all set to “take it out and try find a home for it” as he said, next month.

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