The Youngest Celebrity Millionaires

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saoirse Ronan – $2.5 million million-4

Imagine being 21 and already having the Academy Award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Well, that’s the life of Saoirse Ronan, who is mostly famous for her latest movie “The Host”. Having in mind how she already has 18 movies behind her, we have no idea what else to expect from this amazing girl – she’ll definitely make many, many more.

Sasha Pieterse – $3 million

Being only 18 years old, this beautiful young actress is already considered to be a true superstar. With the incredibly popular show she’s been a part of since 2012, “Pretty Little Liars”, her career will never be out of the spotlight – she just seems to be improving herself with every new episode of it. We just can’t wait to see some of her next projects!

Cameron Boyce – $3 million

Probably the most favorite young actor of the Disney channel, this freckled little boy seems not to be so little anymore. We’ve all fallen for him in the hit-series “Jessie”, but his career seems to be going upwards – especially if you remember his dancing and acrobatic skills. If he’s this successful at the age of 16, we can only imagine what else he’ll do in the future.

Tom Daley – $3 million

This famous English diver is a true wonder – he was the youngest player ever to compete at the Olympic Games, and he got to the finals. We won’t even bother to mention all the awards he’s gotten with his diving skills – there are just so many of them. He’s also the host of a TV show called “Splash!” and he managed to succeed all of the above until his age of 21.

Cody Simpson – $4.5 million

This incredibly popular singer is only 18 years old and he already has a deal with one of the biggest recording labels in the music industry, Atlantic Records. Not only that, he’s the owner of Coast House Records, which he founded by himself. We can see that not only he’s a talented singer, but he also has some sense for business.

Elle Fanning – $5 million

Following the steps of her older sister, Dakota Fanning, this 17-year-old girl became familiar to the audience after she played Aurora in the movie “Maleficent”. It’s not like she didn’t have any other roles before, but this one is definitely the one that led her to the spotlight. Sharing the talent of her sister, we should definitely get prepared to start seeing this girl everywhere.

Asa Butterfield – $5 million

Although many of the young actors start their careers in the kids’ movies, it’s different when we’re talking about Asa Butterfield, who became famous for his Holocaust movie “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. Can you imagine a 17-year-old trying to face this role and actually bring it to the audience in the way he did it? He’s definitely one of a kind.

Kylie Jenner – $5 million

Being only 18 years old, Kyle Jenner has experienced all the horrors of a reality TV show. No matter how popular it might be, there’s something about that TV format that just doesn’t seem to be right. However, it was the best way for Kylie to become popular, rich and to have a great modeling career. We won’t be discussing anything else about her here.

Ariel Winter – $7 million

It’s obvious that if your career begins with a series you’re in with Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neil, you’ll never have to worry about it again. We’re not trying to say that she did nothing, but the exact opposite – her effort and talent can clearly be seen in her role of a teenage daughter who has to deal with everything her family is going through. She definitely did a good job.

Jaden Smith – $8 million

We’re assuming that most of you will just roll your eyes and click the “next page” button when you see this person on our list – and unfortunately, there’s nothing bad we can say about it. Jaden Smith is rude, arrogant, always with his head up in the clouds and also filthy rich. We’re sure he wouldn’t be any of that if there wasn’t for his dad…

Lorde – $9 million

With her almost over-night fame with the hit song “Royals”, it was obvious for this singer to succeed. You don’t hear everyday a voice as amazing as hers, and the best thing about it is we’re all ready to see how her next album will turn out, having in mind how she didn’t make anything new since 2013. And what’s better than an expectation that you know it won’t fail you?

Abigail Breslin – $12 million

Being an actress since she was only 5 years old, this beautiful looking girl has a net worth of $12 million at the age of 19. Although she became famous after the “Little Miss Sunshine” movie, we have no doubts about her career going only upwards in the future – who could possibly resist that face? She’ll definitely collect much more millions soon.

Chloe Moretz – $12 million

Not only this actress has both talent and good looks, she’s also pretty funny and has a great sense of humor. She’s totally relaxed at all the interviews and TV appearances, and she’s only 18 years old. With an attitude of the most experienced Hollywood actress, we believe this girl won’t stop here – we can’t wait to see what else she would do in the future.

Dakota Fanning – $16 million

Once people remembered her starring next to Sean Penn in the brilliant movie called “I Am Sam”, there was no chance for her not to become famous. Her incredible talent and innocent looks have led her to the most serious roles and great success not everyone managed to pull out. She’s definitely one of the most favorite ladies in the movie industry.

Kate Upton – $20 million

Kate has been a famous Sports Illustrated model for sometime now. Now she can be seen on the big screen parlaying her modeling career into a movie career. Her meteoric rise has placed her near the top of our list.

Harry Styles – $23 million

The guy every teenage girl has fallen for, Harry Styles is only 21 years old and already has $23 million on his bank account. However, he’s been in sort of a problem in past years – after everybody found out he broke up with Taylor Swift, we can only imagine how many of the angry Swifties turned against him. It’s not something you would like to watch, trust me.

Nick D’Aloisio – $30 million

Here’s a rich teenager that doesn’t come from the world of entertainments or sports – he’s actually a programmer. He developed an artificial intelligence in technology, called Summly. He’s definitely one of the most intelligent people alive today, and also one of the most successful ones. We just love to hear how it takes much more than a pretty face to become rich and famous.

Jennifer Lawrence – $60 million

Jennifer has been raking in the big bucks for some time now. Her career really tool a huge leap when she signed on to do the Hunger Games saga. She is now one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.

Miley Cyrus – $160 million

Miley gained popularity with her Disney show Hannah Montana. After a successful run with Disney her Music career really took off. These days she can be seen doing all kinds of shocking things to maintain her notoriety. Although she is extremely talented, she is also extremely controversial.

Justin Bieber – $200 million


We’re pretty aware of how not many people actually like this Canadian singer, but let’s put it this way: he’s 21 years old and his net worth is probably highest than many people you know. Not only that, everything he’s succeeded was done only because of his effort – we assume you’re not convinced yet, but he definitely deserves some respect.

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