TAG Sleep 'The Drift TV' Box Gradually Removes Blue Light From Television To Help People Fall Asleep Easier

Friday, November 20, 2015

Are you one of those late-night television viewers? If you are, have you been experiencing any troubles with sleep lately? Not a surprise, for sleep researchers have concluded that the blue light coming from your TV screen interferes with your sleep. It basically messes with your melatonin levels, affecting your mood and productivity.

To remove the threat posed by this, a company named Saffron has introduced The Drift TV. It works on gradual reducing of the harmful blue light from your TV screen, thus improving your sleep! Neat, right?

The Drift TV box is placed between the TV and HDMI switch. A user can time it to start reducing the blue light an hour before his scheduled bed time and even before the wake-up time; he can adjust the amount of blue light to be removed; and also set it up so that the transition is almost unnoticeable!

The Drift TV also offers a Max Drift function, which you can remove the blue light from the TV screen working in 10% increments, until it reaches 100% when all blue light is removed!

So, with this interesting device, it is now possible to watch all those late-night shows, AND get a good night’s sleep, without affecting your mood, productivity and overall health. Sounds like something worth checking?

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