Real Life Fallout 4 ‘Shishkebab’ Flaming Sword Created

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Fallout 4 craze is not stopping, nor will it any time soon, it seems. If you are among people who can’t get enough of the game, either playing it or watching someone else playing it, you won’t be surprised at this – someone made a real-life Shishkebab that works just like the ingame one.

For those that don’t know, the Shishkebab is a DIY wonder made from lawnmower, motorcycle and parts from various other sources on a katana, and is essentially a flaming sword that deals direct damage and also torches its victims.

It was made by Caleb Craft from Make, who used Bethesda’s concept art found online, and, as he said, knew that he had to make it happen. The results are rather impressive, which you can see in the video: the Shishkebab resembles the game version to an astounding degree. If you’re not interested in the process of making the Shishkebab itself, you can just skip to seeing the flaming sword in action.

Interesting what people can do with a little free time, a lot of dedication and some spare parts such as a barbecue grill ignition system, motorcycle brake handle and a bottle of butane, isn’t it?

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