LG Unveils World’s Largest OLED Display

Thursday, November 19, 2015

If you happen to visit Seoul, South Korea, you’ll be happy to know that at the Incheon International Airport you’ll have a chance to see the technological wonder of our time. LG has launched the biggest OLED display in the world which they are bragging about at the moment at the Airport.

This, however, is not a single OLED panel. It is easy to assume just how much it costs to and how difficult it is to make. So, LG has actually partnered with Wilmotte&Associés, a French design company to create a layout to accommodate 140 curved OLED panels!

Anyway, the setup that they created is positively huge – it spans 13m high and 8 m across! This massive display will surely become the trademark of the Airport, as well as the LG technology. So, if you’re around, be sure to check it out!

According to Park Wan-su, president and CEO at Incheon International Airport, “These OLED displays perfectly complement the advanced technology that our airport has become known for. We are always eager to showcase to the millions of travelers every year the cutting-edge technology that originates from Korea. OLED is a prime example of that.”

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