Actors whose careers were killed by one terrible movie

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not even the biggest stars in Hollywood are immune to taking on roles that put them off the map and away from big roles for a while. In this list we are going to see some actors and actresses who have made a decision that they possibly later regretted.

1.    Chris O’Donnell

The star of critically acclaimed Scent of a Woman and School Ties made a mistake when he got involved in the last nail in the coffin of the old Batman franchise in 1997, Batman & Robin. This movie was a flop, and no mistake about that (just remember the Batman nipples and all the freeze puns). Chris has mostly focused on the small screen since, and currently he stars in NCIS: Los Angeles, so it’s probably safe to say that the role of Robin really hurt his potentially great career on the big screen.

2.    Eddie Murphy

A stand-up comedian star of the 80’s and 90’s, Murphy used to be a big moneymaker and up until Shrek (and including it), everything he touched was gold. But after The Adventures of Pluto Nash, a movie where he played an owner of the night club on the Moon (set in the future obviously) that came out in 2002, he seems to have lost his touch, or at least the ability to pick up prospective roles. Another sequel to the Beverly Hills Cop has been announced though, and fans are hoping this might be his comeback.

3.    Cuba Gooding Jr.

Here’s another well-loved actor with a red-hot career, prior to the bad choice of accepting a role in a 2002 movie Boat Trip about two straight men who ended up on a gay-only cruise in retaliation from their travel agent. He never quite found his mojo again on the big screen after Boat Trip flopped, and has focused on TV series in recent years.

4.    Halle Berry

It’s not easy for an Oscar-winner to compromise their career, but Berry managed to do just that after starring in a flop after flop, the most notable one being Catwomanin 2004. The feline superhero role didn’t do much good for her career, though it ironically stays afloat with the help of the role of Storm, another superhero, in the X-Men franchise (where she gets less screen time with every new movie made).

5.    Hayden Christensen

He had the good fortune of getting the role of young Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise – or was it good fortune to star in a hit film with bad dialogue? If it was, he didn’t capitalize on it, and after Revenge of the Sithin 2005, Hayden just can’t seem to get a role that big. He starred in Jumper and Awake, which in terms of success were pretty much forgettable, as is the former Star Wars lead, apparently.

6.    Brandon Routh

Everyone had high hopes for the star of Superman Returns, the new man of steel, Brandon Routh, but the 2006 movie failed to appease both fans and the critics and as a result it wasn’t very successful. It wasn’t a bad casting choice, just a bad movie, but Brandon hasn’t had a big role since, and, as many others on this list, has turned to roles on the small screen mostly.

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