Three Games the Single Players Should Look Out For in October

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hi there Single Player gamers! Summer is over now and the nights are drawing in, which can only mean one thing: the biggest games of the year are coming. 2015 has already been nothing short of outstanding, with 100-hour epics interspersed with indie gems, along with bone-crunching beat-em-ups and terrifying horror adventures. However many believe the best is yet to come, with the ever-popular build up to Christmas starting to get into full swing.

Here are three of the most anticipated games to look forward to in October:

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

(Release: October 23 on Xbox One and PS4, November 19 for Windows)

Last year Ubisoft delved into solely next-gen gaming for the first time in the series with the Parisian Assassin’s Creed: Unity. It’s fair to say the game was released with a myriad of bugs and glitches that even the most die-hard of AC fans would struggle to overlook. The familiar formula from the yearly releases was running its course and voices of discontent could be heard from all over. However, the city of Paris was magnificent and remains one of the most beautiful and detailed game worlds to date.
With the reins now handed over to Ubisoft Quebec (from Ubisoft Montreal) Syndicate is looking to revitalise the series with two main protagonists, namely Jacob and Evie Frye, while being set in a Victorian London era that has been clamoured for by fans over a number of years. With next-gen very much now the current-gen, Ubisoft have had enough time and experience to craft an Assassin’s Creed that can once again top many gamers’ most wanted list for the year.
Assassins Creed Syndicate Screenshot

Halo 5: Guardians

(Release: October 27 on Xbox One)

Halo finally arrives on Xbox One as a standalone game. The release of The Master Chief Collection was plagued with issues, mainly in the multiplayer department, but fans are assured of no such issues in the continuation of the story of Master Chief (aka John-117). Introducing the new character and assumed enemy known as Agent Locke, who is also playable, the Halo 5 campaign looks to be the longest one yet, doubling the length of Halo 4, as well as being locked to 60fps.
As the flagship title for Xbox since its initial launch back in 2001, Halo has amassed an enormous following. Now with the Xbox One, that following has continued to grow as have the expectations along with it. With Bungie moving their focus to Destiny, 343 Industries have now made Halo their own with their second iteration since taking over, and the fans’ long wait for a brand new Halo adventure is almost over, with Guardians being their biggest yet.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1

(Release: October 13 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3. October 15 on Android and iOS)

After the success of previous outings like Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borrderlands and more; Telltale Games have brought their point-and-click style to the incredibly successful universe of Minecraft. The first episode of five will be released in October, with the developers (who are collaborating with Mojang, the Minecraft creators) to devise a story from what is essentially a “blank canvas” according to the developers themselves.
Assuming the role of Jesse (who can be male or female) the player controls the story based on their decisions, much like the aformentioned titles. The incredible worldwide success of Minecraft combined with the unique story-telling mechanics that Telltale can produce is sure to create a massive hit, possibly surpassing all games before it. Minecraft: Story Mode is uniquely designed for all ages, digging in to the hearts of children and adults alike.

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