Tesla’s Batteries Will Power Office Buildings In California

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

As it has been announced at Tesla, known for making electric cars, it is expanding its line of products and one of the first is the device called the Powerwall. The Powerwall is an enormous battery capable of storing energy both solar and from the grid, thus making it available for later usage.

Apparently, Tesla’s technology will be employed to ‘enlighten’ homes, offices and streets of California.Real estate developer The Irvine Company and Advanced Microgrid work together to use Tesla’s batteries for building a huge battery farms in Irvine, California.

The basic idea behind this project is to help to power nearby offices. Advanced Microgrid Solutions developed software to enable alternating between two power sources - battery and the grid. The software is able to detect grid stress and if it determines its high value, it will automatically switch to batteries, for example.

During 2016, 10 megawatts of batteries will be installed in Irvine, and the calculations confirm that it would be more than enough to power about 10,000 homes. The idea behind this is to significantly reducenew power plant demands.

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