Hulu Is Spending Big Money For South Park Rights

Friday, July 10, 2015

The online streaming market is becoming ever more competitive these last few years. They are constantly competing amongst themselves offering exclusive content that only they claim the rights to show. Indeed, it’s a proper fighting arena where companies fight each other to obtain exclusive streaming rights and the amount of money involved is absolutely huge!

According to a recent report, Hulu is prepared to pay a crazy amount of cash to Viacom to obtain exclusive streaming rights to South Park for three more years! This crazy amount of cash is said to be $192 million, which is more than they paid for exclusive online streaming rights for Seinfeld! This is one of the first examples where the money obtained from selling the exclusive rights will entirely cover the production costs.

The deal implies that Hulu will have the exclusive rights for three more years, while Comedy Central will continue to air the show for the next five years.

The deal is expected to boost Hulu in its fight against Netflix and establishing Hulu as dominant on the market. But, since everyone is spending big, who can say who will come out victorious in the end.


  1. Google: watch south park streaming

  2. Too bad no one likes using Hulu.

  3. Apple. Apple will come out on top, when they announce "Apple live / Apple now" or some shit...

  4. I don't understand how it is that Hulu is so big. I don't want to pay for a streaming service and watch commercials. I will stick with Netfix unless of course they start breaking shows with commercials... then I will pick up that book I have been meaning to read....

  5. The only good thing about Hulu is that they post new episodes of certain shows the day after they air where as Netflix typically waits till the Season is over. I much prefer Netflix though.