3D Printed Prof Competition 9000 Gaming Joystick

Friday, July 24, 2015

Prof Competition 9000 joystick

If you have access to a 3D printer and want your own legendary Prof Competition 9000 joystick, retro gamer Mikko Leskinen has got you covered.

Leskinen has come up with 3D files of the 80’s kids’ favorite joysticks and uploaded them to popular DIY 3D design/printing website Thingyverse, where a community of passionate 3D modelers and fans can download them. All you need to do to complete your joystick is grab a couple of buttons and the stick off eBay.

I’m electrical engineer, but I also make 3D design work for our products. I got my first 3D printer about year ago and I’m hooked to 3D printing ever since. The original Prof Competition 9000 were the original joysticks that came with my Commodore C64 in 1988. There was two of them. I used these same joysticks later with my Commodore Amiga. These have worked flawlessly for many years of hard gaming.
I played 15 stages of Giana Sisters without dying on Commodore C64, so I think it works pretty much as I expected. Of course the feel of this joystick is not exactly same as in original, but it is pretty good.
For more information on creating your very own iconic gaming joystick jump over to the Thingyverse to download the 3D printing files and full instructions on the additional components required.

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