This Tactical Camera Sphere Spots Danger Before Police Enter It

Monday, June 29, 2015

It is often quite dangerous for law enforcement officers or those first responders to the crime scene because they usually have no way of knowing what they are up against behind the closed door; they can’t see through walls and doors.

However, there may be a solution – in form of a bouncing ball-shaped camera that can be used in these situations to provide the initial insight into whatever’s happening inside or behind the wall and to provide a clear picture of the situation. It is especially useful in hostage situations to find out where the gunmen are located.

“Tactical spheres” as they are called, are equipped with six-lensed camera capable of recording the surroundings and able to ‘stich’ images into a single photo forwarded to officers outside to a smartphone. The ball also has built-in temperatures and carbon monoxide sensors.

This isn’t such a new idea. We had an opportunity to inspect the Panono 360 degree ball camera last year. It was equipped with 36 separate 3MP cameras. It is a bit more complex though and the photos are rather large for handling. It also lacked the durability under pressure, which is sort of a specialty of the Explorer.

The Explorer aims to be as simple as possible, so it doesn’t use 6 separate cameras like Panono 360; instead it uses a custom 6-lensed camera, which provides images from all 6 angles  at the same time, forwarding them through a single processor.

It is also equipped with thick, durable rubber exterior and its own Wi-Fi hotspot. This built-in hotspot allows the images to be forwarded directly to officers’ smartphones.

Watch em’ in action:


  1. That's not a police officer, that's a soldier.

    That said, this is a potentially useful tool for both.

  2. Hey, he wasn't holding the handrail!