New Hellblade Gameplay Trailer Released Ahead Of E3

Thursday, June 11, 2015


The very first Hellblade video game, gameplay trailer has been unveiled by Dominic Matthews, Product Development Ninja and the independent game studio Ninja Theory today.

Providing a glimpse at what you can expect from the new game for the first time, as well as providing more details on the background story to the Hellblade game as well as the environment you will be exploring as you plunge into hell.

Hellblade is currently under development by Ninja Theory and will be launching sometime during 2016. The game follows the story of a Celtic Warrior Senua and her journey into Hell!
Watch the first gameplay trailer below to whet your appetite and learn more. Matthews also explains a little more about the games development and inspiration :

“Hellblade is being developed by a small team of 15 people under a new development model that we are calling Independent AAA. Developing Hellblade independently gives us the freedom to tackle a subject as challenging as mental health. It is a subject that we are handling with all the respect it deserves, ensuring that our portrayal of Senua’s condition is both accurate and sensitive.
To help us with this we are working closely with Professor Paul Fletcher, a professor of Health Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, as well as arranging to consult directly with people who have experience of mental health difficulties. We are also very proud to say that Hellblade is being supported by Wellcome Trust, which is a global charitable foundation which aims to build a greater public understanding of science and in particular health.”

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