Batmobile From Batman Vs Superman Seen

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


It is one thing to check out blurry shots or unclear images of an incomplete device, or game, or even still video shot of an upcoming show, and it is another to see a real and crisp image of a movie shot that looks set to roll in the money when said movie is released. The legendary Batmobile has seen its fair share of iterations from the comic books as well as movie universes, and no longer do we have to suffer the ignominy of blurry images from the movie set of Batman Vs Superman, since what you see above here happens to be the real deal, and it will definitely have a starring role in the upcoming Batman vs Superman flick.

Thanks to the folks over at Warner Bros. Consumer Products, they furnished the world with this particular shot, where it depicts a far more militarized Batmobile that is low to the ground, and ready to rock and roll. After all, doesn’t it look mean (and gorgeous to the fanboys)? In fact, there are also guns located on the right as well as front, and we simply cannot wait for the movie to hit the silver screen, that is for sure. Hopefully this is a movie for the ages, and will continue the high standards depicted by the previous Batman trilogy.

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